Shabbat & Holiday Services Reopening:

We recognize that permission from the government to reopen does not mean that there is no risk involved. The following measures are being taken in order to minimize the risk of the spread of the virus:

1. At present, attendees will only be admitted if they have pre-registered before Shabbos. Those who have not registered AND RECEIVED CONFIRMATION ahead of time are unfortunately unable to join services at this time. To register, please email rabbi@kievershul.com at your earliest opportunity.

Only a limited number of persons (currently 15% capacity as of June 11 2021) will be allowed to register and attend, see the registration conditions on the home page!

Please note:
By registering to attend services at the Kiever Shul, you warrant and represent that:
a. To the best of your knowledge and belief, you are free of any symptoms of Covid 19 coronavirus and have not come into contact with anyone who has such symptoms.
b. If despite the precautions that the Shul is taking to prevent the spread of the virus among attendees, which precautions you hereby undertake to observe, you should contract the virus, you will not hold the Shul liable.

2. Anyone who is experiencing any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (including fever, cough, muscle aches and tiredness, difficulty breathing, sore throat, diarrhea, or loss of smell and/or taste) should not attend.

3. Please consult with your doctor before attending if you are over 70 years of age or are any age but have had any form of: heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, diabetes, compromised immune system, respiratory disease, recurring high blood pressure, asthma, auto-immune disease, cancer or epilepsy or other co-morbidity.

4. Face masks will be provided upon entry to the Synagogue.

5. Upon entering the building, attendees must use the hand sanitizer provided and try to avoid touching your face and mask. If your mask needs to be adjusted, please use hand sanitizer after touching your face/mask.

6. Shabbat morning Shacharis will start at 9:30 AM with 'Shochain Ad' which is immediately before 'Barchu'. Please recite the preceding sections of prayers ahead of time at home on your own before attending. (The doors will be open at 9:00 am)

7. Strict adherence to physical distancing of 2m between people must be observed. Of course, avoid all physical contact with fellow congregants.

8. Seating will be set up accordingly, with the rows of seats and seats to be marked with spacers or free seats blocked. Members of a single-family household are asked to sit together.

9. If you do not have your own siddur or Chumash or Talis, please place the ones you used in the seat pocket in front of your seat.

10. No walking around during davening

11.Sufficient disinfectants, soap and disposable (paper) towels will be provided in the washrooms.

12. Mezuzot should not be kissed or touched. The same applies to Tzizit and the Torah.

13. For call ups (Aliyot) to the Torah, the person being called up will recite the blessing from their place and only the Baal Koreh will be on the Bimah reading the Torah.

14. There will be no Kiddush after Davening at this stage.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the rabbi at rabbi@kievershul.com or the president at president@kievershul.com

On Behalf of The Board, Rabbi Eli Cohen and Dr. Adam S. Cohen -- President

ALL SERVICES AND CLASSES AT THE SHUL EXCEPT SHABBAT MORNING AND MAJOR HOLIDAY MORNING SERVICES are canceled until further notice. The Rabbi, board, and administrator can all still be reached as shown in our "Contact Us" page at left. Keep watching this website's Home and Events pages for notices of online activities and videos. Email the shul if you wish to be added to our email list to receive our regular emailed notices which include upcoming on-line sessions.